The concept of ‚Water Sommelier’ was something that was shaped by the press, but as so often with things that happen by coincidence, it is an exact fit for what I do. Which is why I started using it and have made it my trademark.

I discovered the subject of Water through my actual vocation. As Sommelier of the Restaurant Lorenz Adlon I was not only responsible for the wines, but also for the mineral water menu that the Management introduced. This covered 42 different types of water and was implemented as a unique selling tool. In order to not only sell the different types of mineral water, but also to differentiate between them, I went in depths in this topic and within a very short period was absolutely fascinated by the subject. Nowadays I can identify a large variety of waters, am familiar with the characteristics of the most important brands and can recognise most of them by taste. Not only has water changed from a staple food to a Lifestyle product, but thanks to the variety as well as the effects it has on our organism and our general well being it offers a sheer limitless source of fascination and research. A fascination based upon one of our most valuable resources: Water.