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Friday, 7. August 2020

People often ask me which is my personal favourite water. The answer is simple: I don’t have one.

Every water has it’s own unique signature, unique characteristics and hence has it’s own individual admirers. Through my intense pursuit of the subtle taste characteristics of the different waters I have come to the conclusion that every water has it’s own special allure and thus, at different occasions and for different needs, has it’s own indisputable, individual entitlement. Another similarity water has to wine.

On a personal note

In my vocation as Water Sommelier, having to deal with the different brands of water on a daily basis and having to be reliable and decisive in finding the appropriate selection, neutrality and integrity are the basic factors of success. In my consulting capacity as water expert for the Swiss Beverage Producer Valser, of course I am convinced of their product. However that does not mean that other waters do not also offer superior qualities and as such deserve a place on selected mineral water menus. For me it is primarily about the harmonious complete flavour profile that has to be suitable for the occasion – it is not about the brands.